705 East 4th St.

Hallettsville, TX  77964

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‚ÄčThe concept of documenting the development of Hallettsville came about after many, many informal gatherings and conversations between local historians and genealogists who, driven by their own innate curiosity, seemed to ask each other the same questions: Does anyone remember where the bank, the hotel, the drugstore etc. were? Our answers were based on personal recollections, educated guesses and even an occasional fact or two. We also started to wonder how many other people were asking themselves the very same questions.

So the idea was born; to document the development of Hallettsville, block by block, beginning with the original town site. As a result, we have all banded together to become what we fondly call the "Block Party". Since our original declaration, the scope of our project has become very evident; there is literally no end in (site) sight. Our approach is unique. The research is not limited to names, dates and places but literally bricks, wood and mortar. Our families do not consist of parents and children but instead Blocks and Lots. Our goal is to use whatever resources are available to assemble as factual a history of the development of Hallettsville as humanly possible.

While we have committed ourselves to this project, we need all the help we can get. So if anyone visiting this website has any documentation or pictures of any type about the development of Hallettsville, please contact us at the following email address: w0rth1ng1959@gmail.com. Your help will be deeply appreciated by our troop of intrepid, and probably slightly delusional, volunteers.