‚ÄčBlock 1

Lot 2- Ira McDonald Blacksmith Shop and Home

Lot 6- William Smothers Grocery

Block 2

Lot 1- Dr. Marshall Breazeale Bennet Drug Store Stand

Lot 2-A.W. Hicks Hotel & Tavern

Block 5

Lot 3-G.W. Guthrie/Dr. Joel Ponton

Lot 5-Jesse L. Sanders Residence/James Stort Residence

Lot 7-Collatinus Ballard Store

Hebron Tolleson Private School

‚ÄčCollatinus Ballard Residence


Lot 4- Peter McDermott Residence 

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While discussing the development of Hallettsville during this time period, it should be remembered that Petersburg was officially the county seat of Lavaca County, not Hallettsville.  As the center of local government during this time, Petersburg was attracting many individuals whose objective was to locate their businesses and homes in the county seat.    

Lots colored in Green indicate where buildings stood during these years. Please see key, below, for descriptions.

705 East 4th St.

Hallettsville, TX  77964

361-798-3243, ext. 200