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If you look at the Menu, above, you'll see you can access maps, census records, interesting facts about Hallettsville and the history of each block, Individual Block Descriptors. (Hence the title of the Site: Hallettsville Block Party). 

On each Block Descriptor Page the history of that block is listed in chronological order starting in 1846. There is a link to a map on each Descriptor Page showing the growth of the town, corresponding to the time periods used on the Descriptor Pages. 

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Hallettsville Block Party!

The idea behind this website is to document the development of Hallettsville, Texas, block by block, beginning with the original town site. With the use of photographs, original documents and maps we will begin the journey in 1846 when the early settlers of Lavaca County began the process of establishing their homes and their businesses on the Hallet League on the east bank of the Lavaca River.

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